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About Project.M


Project M prides itself of being a consulting company that does not only give advice to the clients  but it is involved from the conceptualization, strategy phase until execution and the eventual implementation.  Our strengths are in the fact that we have done it ourselves from marketing, project management, retail, branding, application development, all the way to work optimization.  

Jun Mardian

Founder & Director

Jun started his career with the Boston Consulting Group, specializing in financial services and public institutions before he moved to the world`s first and largest NYSE-listed Hedge Fund, Fortress Investment Group.  He began his entrepreneurial career in 2011 when he raised money from Marubeni Group to start his own hedge fund.  He set up his own consulting firm and now he is advising one of Japan`s largest supermarket groups, Japan`s most favorite soft toy company, etc. on digital marketing, overseas expansion strategy, branding and design, application and software development.  He speaks Bahasa Indonesia, English, Mandarin, Hokkian, Japanese, and currently learning Korean.  Mr. Jun graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attended with tuition scholarship.   

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