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Case Studies

Project.M Co Ltd currently manages the following companies in various fields: (X).S.M.L (Fashion Retail and Manufacturing); Kisah Home Living (Furniture Retail and Manufacturing); Dods Burger and Sumibi (Food and Beverage), Japan's grocery company, Bloom Co. Ltd. (children toys product), Port Cities International (open-source ERP system).  Project.M was also involved in the application software sector where three of its largest past projects were in the Fintech arena with Bank Nasional Indonesia (fraud system), Paprika Payment App (strategy, marketing and license application) and (Crowdlending site for marketing, license application and strategy). was voted the best brand by Indonesia Financial Times in 2018 

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Application and Software


We are advising one of Japan's largest groceries companies on its digital strategy.  We are developing online shopping and lifestyle app including the concept, design, and implementation with marketing campaigns.  

We also develop digital signage strategy and we are collecting and analyzing consumers data to better understand behavior.  This has enabled us to give a more in-depth marketing report to suppliers.

Apart from digital strategy which includes digital marketing and the lifestyle application, we also help on new supermarket design to get a better shopping experience, branding and logo, in-house ERP solution and internal software to improve work efficiencies and reduce paper usage.  

Lifestyle and Groceries Retail

We manage one of Indonesia's largest lifestyle player in the fashion, (X).S.M.L Fashion.   Export and import business, concept and design, samples & mock-up development, interior design service, uniform service, fashion show event planning, SNS digital marketing, etc.   

We also manage the marketing, operation, strategy of Kisah Living, which is an innovative and inspiring Indonesian local furniture brand.  We are involved in the design, manufacturing and retail of home living and accessories and since the brand`s establishment, we have supplied and styled for high-profile projects in both Indonesia. 

We are also managing digital marketing and overseas expansion for Bloom Co. Ltd, Japan's most popular toy  brand.  We are involved from contents to digital campaigns including e-commerce sites, etc.   

Food and Beverage

We manage Dod`s Burger in Bali and we have helped for menu development and within 18 months of operation, Dod`s burger was voted to be one of the best burgers in Bali of all times, Dod`s emphasis on homemade freshness has proven to be a winning formula and we are helping on the interior and branding to ensure that customers know what Dod`s stand for.

We are also the appointed Advisor for Astowa Food Group with Sumibi Restaurant (currently three outlets in Jakarta).  We advise on investment strategy, SNS marketing, use of technology in booking system, e-commerce, and POS.  We also help the company on logo and branding.

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Our Videos
Tokyo Fashion Wk 2018A/W


(X).S.M.L first runway showing in Tokyo with the theme *Kisah* which means "Life Episodes".  It was followed by a successful selling in Seibu Shibuya - the first Indonesian brand to be showcased in Seibu.

Tokyo Fashion Wk A/W 2019


(X).S.M.L was the first Indonesia brand to receive sponsorship from Amazon Fashion and Shiseido Japan for its second showing in Tokyo with the theme "Hajimari".  

Kisah Living - Promotional Vid


The first collection unveiled by Kisah.  The classic and elegant design yet affordable and can be customized.  Please visit for more information.  

The Journey of a Masterpiece

For behind every piece that we create at (X).S.M.L tells a story.  The effort behind every single piece is immense and it all starts with a story that a designer wants to tell and the rest is pure hard work.


A short video description about KLIKUMKM, the crowdlending platform for women across Indonesia.   We are the winner of Indonesia Best Brand in 2018 for our concept of 3P (Pelatihan, Pendanaan dan Pemasaran), which means Training, Funding, and Marketing.  The three things that we offer to Indonesian women who are passionate about their small businesses to grow to the next level.

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